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Food Warmer
  • Cordless Operation, Propane rather than electricity.
  • Warming food from the top evenly as a chafer warms from below.
  • Heating unit can be height-adjusted.
  • Improves sanitation condition, by heating food from above.
  • No need to hunt for electric power, or to run power cords.
  • Heats prepared foods in chafers, not just for meat carving.
  • Foods taste better, with propane-fired warming over electric warming.
  • Cheese taste better.
  • Food stays crisper and fresher.
  • Heat temperature is adjustable, propane cylinder operated.
  • Product has been tested and reviewed for UL approval.
  • Fast, efficient set up of unit, with refillable propane standard (one pound) cylinder).
  • Available for you to purchase, or on rental from party rental dealers
    (ask your own rental equipment supplier about the FREEMAN Cordless FoodServing Station!)